From the Vatican to Tacloban:  With Love,  Pope Francis

Millions of Filipinos fell in love with Pope Francis when he visited last January and since then, many of us have been trying to keep the love alive, because it would be such a waste if it turned out to be just a temporary spiritual ardor and "fling". 

“With Love, Pope Francis” is a musical play that will vivify and revitalize the Pope’s exceptionally illuminating "effect" when he was with us.  The people behind the production wanted to come up with an in-depth spiritual experience that would be "valid" not just for the Papal visit, but for the long-term.  They wanted to clarify in dramatic terms the factors in the pontiff's make up that moved him to feel so deeply for and want to comfort the many survivors of Super typhoon Yolanda.  Conversely, they also wanted to depict the Yolanda survivors’ stories, so that the entire viewing experience would be an interaction between victims and consoler, so that they could learn valuable lessons from each other. 

Write-director Nestor Torre, the producer, and talented cast went through tremendous challenges to mount the production  (from serious illnesses, computer crashes, venue and financial obstacles, and personal issues) and many were close to giving up a number of times, but they all chose to persevere and complete the play.

The result is a touching, powerful yet simple offering to a great man and a strong people who give us all hope in these trying times.

With Love, Pope Francis is available to show at Mabuhay Restop or outside venues.

For reservations and show buyer rates, call 09178108194 to 95, and 359-7927, 353-8752, or email us at [email protected]