Children will certainly be entertained by Mga Kwento ni Tita Beauty, a creative and theatrical storytelling show that features five original Pilipino and English stories imbibed with valuable moral lessons, written by top-notch director and writer Nestor U. Torre.

The Tita Beauty theme song was written by Nestor U. Torre and composer Ryan Cayabyab.

A take-off from Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang, the show is led by Tita Beauty, a woman who fancies herself as a beauty queen despite obvious limitations.

Depending on cast and theater limitations, the Tita Beauty show usually includes five stories from the following list:

1.  “Lucky & Bibi” (about sibling relationships)

2.  “Ang Ika-Siyam na Buhay ni Kid Katoy” (about the value of life)

3.  “Banana Fritters” (about thoughtfulness and entrepreneurship)

4.  “Isay’s Graduation” (about bullying)

5.  “Sockie & Soxie” (about taking care of your things)

6.  “Mindy & Her Guardian Angel” (about faith)

7.  “Hope of Tomorrow” (about a beauty contest teaching young girls that beauty is beyond skin- deep)

8.  “Calypso, the Pig that Almost Became Lechon” (matched with stunning visuals by renowned painter Araceli “Cheloy” Dans)

9.  “Halo Halo Win” (about the importance  of communication and sensitivity)

10.“Tita Beauty Meets Antonio Repolyo & Friends” (about the Plush & Play Toys from GK Enchanted Farm)

This show is available for performance in schools and other locations outside Mabuhay Restop.