Great Food

Local Home-style Food

Mabuhay Restop offers home-style cooking and a taste of the islands for visitors who simply wish to enjoy sumptuous Filipino food in a warm and casual setting. Get to meet a Filipino family of 14 through their favorite dishes. Among the bestsellers are Tito’s Kaldereta, Gerry’s Callos, Techie’s Pinoy Salad, Ting’s Cucumber Broc Slaw Salad, Rose’s Chicken Alexander, Edison’s Shrimp with Alavar Sauce, Tina’s Bangus with Tamarind, and Nico’s Mango Delight.

Crispy Calamares & Spinach

Wonderful appetizer! ...
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Mabuhay Fiesta Salad

The Mabuhay Fiesta Salad mixes lettuce greens with grilled shrimp, peppers, cheese, olives, hard-boiled egg, tomatos an...
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Palabok Tisay

Pancit Palabok with a twist – with tinapa bangus (smoked milkfish) and crunchy chicharon (pork rinds)....
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Crispy Pancit

Crunchy noodles with vegetable sauce...
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Nico's Mango Delight

An original creation of Mabuhay Restop- a favorite dessert for special events....
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Daddy's Lucban Hardinera

A specialty from the town of Lucban, Quezon ...
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Tito's Kaldereta (Beef Stew)

"This is so delicious!" - Rui Sousa (Portugal)...
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Pinakbet Tempura

Pinakbet Tempura - a new Mabuhay Restop offering. Try it for your next special event at, or catering by, Mabuhay Res...
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Rose's Chicken Alexander

Mabuhay Restop's bestseller is Rose's Chicken Alexander....
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